Classes: (drop-in or 8 week series)

The Art of Seeing I:

6-10 yrs:  Saturdays: 9-10:30 am 

Students will learn how to “see” in this class. Each week, we will practice observing a different object, drawing what we see - the lines, shapes, shadows and light. Students will draw bones, glass bottles, pinecones, feathers and skulls.  We will also draw from our imagination, using the skills of shape and proportion to create from our minds. Students will use pencil, charcoal, acrylic and watercolor. They will receive instruction in how to use these mediums and explore their different qualities.

Location: Paperwings (11739 95th PL SW, Vashon, WA)

The Art of Seeing II:

11-14 yrs:  Saturdays: 2-4pm 

Do you have a middle school daughter/son that could use some space from the noise of crazy, middle school pressure? Who loves being creative? Who would thrive in a kind, fun art space?

Students will use many different art mediums in this class, using their ability to “see” and observe this magical world around them. Students will draw bones, glass bottles, pinecones, feathers and skulls. Students will paint anime characters and create new beings from their imagination. We will experiment, explore and create.

Explore with Pencil/Paint:

Adult 18+ : Mondays: 6:30  - 8:30 pm 

When you look at light, do you recognize a clear and inspiring energy? This is where creativity, divinity arrises from within ourselves.

In this class we will explore light and the creative process. Our first project is an abstract study of Wassilly Kandinksky, we will draw different forms, playing with space, overlapping colors and movement. Students will learn how to mix colors to get the hues they want, shade with watercolor and create washes.

Wassily Kandinksy “Improvisation #31”

Wassily Kandinksy “Improvisation #31”

The second project, we will explore Native American Symbols and their power in animal imagery. We will paint a watercolor of a chosen animal, practicing watercolor wash techniques, line and proportion with pencil.

Gretchen Del Rio Indigo

Gretchen Del Rio Indigo

Our final project will be a self portrait. We will draw a portrait in pencil, our features, a simple representation. We’ll paint our face with light washes, showing the direction of light, shade and give the artwork expression.

Holly Hudson

Holly Hudson